Massage Traditions

This is a voyage that transports you from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head and beyond. 
Our massage therapies are designed to suit your individual needs.  Through the communication of touch, our professional therapists listen to your body and reply accordingly.


  • Odyssey Massage
    A traditional full body Swedish massage technique uses light to medium pressure to relieve tension and create a heightened sense of well-being.
    50 minutes $75
    80 minutes $95


  • Right On Target
    Designed for those who wish to target a specific group of muscles for relaxation and healing 
    30 minutes $55


  • Scent-Abroad Massage
    The power of aromatherapy combined with the soothing touch of your therapist unwinds you and sends you on a journey of self-indulgence. Specially blended oils anoint your body for the ultimate relaxing and moisturizing experience.
    50 minutes $75
    80 minutes $95
  • Toes Up and Away Massage
    Based on the theory that zones of the feet correspond to specific areas of the body, this reflexology massage concentrates on the soles of the feet to provide relief throughout the body.
    30 minutes $45


  • Sports Break Massage
    An invigorating deep tissue massage is ideal for the person who requires more detailed movement to relieve stress-related tension. Technique focuses on sports-specific muscles to improve range of motion and aid in muscle recovery.
    50 minutes $80
    80 minutes $100 


  • Baby-on-the-Way Massage  
    A specialized massage treatment designed for expectant mothers focuses on relieving lower back discomfort, fatigue and general circulatory problems. A pregnancy support cushion is used to protect you and your baby.
    50 minutes $75
    80 minutes $95


  • Healing Stones Massage
    Stress and tension melt away with this new technique that incorporates the elements of nature- Healing Stones. Your body will surrender to the movement of the warm stones, and your mind will reawaken
    75 minutes $125
    2 hrs. Minutes $200


  • Time for Two Massage
    Everyday life pulls us into different directions and away from those you enjoy spending time with most. Reconnect in the luxuriating pleasure of our traditional massage, as you lie side by side with that special person.
    50 minutes $170
    80 minutes $220

    Combo Massage Special

    120 minutes $190


         Specialty Body Treatments

  • Suddenly Sun Body Bronzer
    Get a truly "healthy" tan without the harmful effect of the sun. Our self-tanning treatments begins with a gentle exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and surface impurities. This will ensure an even and glowing tan. An excellent self-tanning spray is then gently massaged over the body, and soon after, a sunny glow will develop. We recommend a self-tanning spray to continue results at home   


  • EndermologieŽ
    The latest technology designed to improve the appearance of the skin's texture. Unwanted and unsightly imperfections in the hip, thigh and lower abdomen area can be massaged away. With use of a patented technology, this machine focuses on stimulating the fatty deposits, known as cellulite, located in the lower body area. This treatment is most effective in series. A regime of diet, exercise, and detoxification body treatments is recommended for greatest benefits.
    35 Minutes $120
    Series of 10 $1000


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