Face to Face  

Under the supervised direction of Dr. Glenn and Associates, our experienced Aestheticians create the most effective, result- oriented facial treatments. Designed to improve skin texture and appearance, our skin care offering is second to none. Facial services are customized to personal skin type. As an added bonus, the ambient setting promotes relaxation and an opportunity to steal back the lost moments of the day.

Make-up application lesson; bring your own makeup and I'll show you how to apply.

45 minutes $50

Odyssey Facial                                                                                           
This classic European deep cleansing facial begins with a deep pore cleansing using the latest enzyme peeling and steam to melt away any surface impurities. An anti-stress facial massage and a complementing mask follow. This treatment is a must for a radiant and healthy complexion.
50 minutes $95


A Gentlemen's Facial                                                                            
Designed specifically for men, this facial begins with a deep pore cleansing with enzyme peeling and steam. An anti-stress massage for relaxation ends with a specialized mask. This facial enlists the help of nutrient-rich marine agents to address the areas affected by razor burn and sensitivity and leaves the skin healthy, toned and invigorated.
50 minutes $95


Revitalizing Teen Facial                                                                              
An introductory facial includes a preliminary cleansing, a gentle exfoliation, a relaxing lower neck massage followed by a personalized hydrating mask. It is perfect for teens and pre-teens.
30 minutes $65


Lunchtime Escape Facial                                                                                
A revitalizing facial includes gentle cleansing exfoliating, and a complementing mask. Spend a perfect lunch time break having this facial. 
30 minutes $70

Back Facial 
An intensive treatment exclusively for the beauty and health of your back suits all skin types. This back facial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation followed by the application of a unique self-heating mud to the spine. A treatment mask is applied to rebalance skin conditions. A gentle massage and moisturizing lotion finalizes the treatment.  
50 minutes $135

          Specialty Facial Treatments

Odyssey's most requested specialty treatment is facial microdermabrasion. This resurfacing treatment smoothes fine lines and wrinkles by the gentle application of micro crystals to the skin. As it breaks apart dead cell layers and skin discolorations, the skin immediately displays a healthier glow. It also eliminates signs of sun damage and improves appearance of acne and acne scars. A series is most effective.
40 minutes $135

Hydra Facial Only

50 minutes $150

Crystal Free Microderm

50 minutes $180
Series of 3 $460

Hydra Facial/MD

90 minutes $260
Series of 3 $660


Our fluorescent pulsed light treatment restores a more youthful appearance by decreasing redness, flushing, and discoloration.  Rosacea, a common vascular problem, and lentigos (sun induced brown spots) show dramatic improvement in 3-5 treatments.
$600 per treatment 
Series of 6 $2500


Laser Facial             
This gentle laser facial rejuvenates all skin types.  Tone and texture of the skin improves.  After series of laser facials, both lines and time seem to disappear.
15 minutes $300 and up
Series of 6 $1500 and up

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