Vichy Body Treatments


Under the healing waters of our specialty Vichy shower, your body will be pampered and your mind revitalized. Proper treatment of the skin should not be limited to the face. Your body deserves the same special service.

  • Odyssey Body Treatment
    Lying under the healing waters of our Vichy shower, your skin will be gently exfoliated with a rich spa peeling treatment. This exfoliation treatment will leave your skin luxuriously smooth and soft.
    60 minutes $100


  • Out to Sea Body Wrap
    A Detoxifying body wrap that uses the purest marine ingredients to detoxify and remineralize your body. While relaxing in a steady warmth, your skin benefits from a rich array of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.
    60 minutes $100
  • Body Mask Contour Programme
    This body mask was designed as a key component of any weight loss or contouring program. Active ingredients stimulate the metabolic processes and are found to be effective in eliminating toxins and water retention. It helps to smooth the skin and improve its elasticity. Body Mask Contour Programme is ideal in series and most effective with EndermologieŽ treatments.
    60 minutes $100
  • Self-Heating Mud Mask
    This relaxing body treatment is perfect for those with tight, sore muscles, and sports strains. While enveloped in this frothy, effervescent seaweed mud, you can feel a release as it gradually heats up and bubbles away every bit of tension and stress from your body. This is a perfect prelude to a therapeutic massage.
    60 minutes $110


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